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Shelter Wish List

Shelter/Cleaning Supplies

Floor cleaner (No Pine-Sol, or ammonia)
Very large trash bags, and very small trash bags
Baby wipes
Bleach, and all purpose cleaner with bleach
All purpose Antibacterial cleaner, for restrooms
Toilet bowl cleaner
Disinfectant spray
Antibacterial cleaner for hands
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Towels, and hand towels

Office Supplies

Copier Paper
Six Part Folders
File Folders
Pens (Black Ink)
Thank You Notecards

Client Needs

Cleaning Supplies
Linens (blankets, pillows, bed sheets, towels, washcloths, etc.)
Alarm clocks, Journals, Address books
Paper Towels, and toilet paper
Gift Cards To Wal-Mart
Diapers (4, 5 & 6 )
Baby wipes
Hair Conditioner/other styling products
Cream rinse for hair, and African American hair products
Slippers – All sizes
Underwear for women and children (all sizes)
Feminine pads
Foldable cribs and playpens
Dishes (Plates and Glassware)
Utensils (Spoons, Forks etc.)
Cookware (Pot and Pans)
Bakeware (Cookie sheets, etc.)
Kitchen appliances (can opener, Toaster etc.)
Lamps (Bedside and Living room)
Throw Rugs
AA batteries
Brooms / mops / dusters
Small indoor fans for residents to cool their rooms (these tend to disappear with our clients when they leave)

Preschool Needs

Movies on DVD for children (Rated G, non-violent, current, Disney)
Googly eyes, styrofoam plates, traceable letters for craft activities
Paint brushes, various sizes
Model Magic Clay, various colors, primary colors
Water Color Paints
Pens/Pencils/Colored Pencils
Markers, washable preferred
Junior artist cray-pas and oil pastels
Loose leaf notebook paper
Construction paper and manila drawing paper
Clear or Mesh Book bags ( required by Biloxi Schools)
Movies passes, Food gift Certificates, Tickets to kids events in local area etc
Craft hands foam craft kits for holiday activities

Saving Animals and Families Everyday

A great way to show your support!

Just drop off your donated items to the Humane Society of South Mississippi in either of its thrift store locations (Gulfport or Ocean Springs) and let them know you're donating on behalf of the Women's Center. They will then provide us with vouchers our clients can then use to purchase clothing or household items for their family!

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